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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jeremy Harmer, 29 books
Martin Preston, 22 books
Richard Chapman, 22 books
Marion Smoothey, 20 books
Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 19 books
Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, 17 books
Carol Lethaby, 15 books
Patricia Hubbell, 14 books
Dana Meachen Rau, 14 books
Bernice Moon, 12 books
Marion Smoothey, 12 books
Sean Sheehan, 11 books
Robin Kerrod, 10 books
Richard Cavendish, 9 books
Trudi Strain Trueit, 8 books
Isabel Moore, 8 books
Virginia Schomp, 8 books
Leonard Everett Fisher, 8 books
Levy, Patricia, 8 books
Chant, Christopher., 8 books
Robert Carrier, 8 books
Ian Badger, 8 books
Peter Menzies, 8 books
Jacoby David B, 8 books
Duncan Brewer, 8 books


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