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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Walter Keady, 4 books
G. W. Hawkes, 3 books
Speer Morgan, 2 books
Frederick Reuss, 2 books
Susan Vreeland, 2 books
Bonnett, O. T., 2 books
Rick Collignon, 2 books
Joni Rodgers, 1 book
Laura Hendrie, 1 book
Elliot Perlman, 1 book
Steve Yarbrough, 1 book
Patricia Henley, 1 book
Darryl Wimberley, 1 book
Arne A. Wyller, 1 book
Waters, Frank, 1 book
William Gay, 1 book
Terry Jordan, 1 book
Harrison, William, 1 book
Nina Krebs, 1 book
David Borofka, 1 book
Barry Targan, 1 book
Gita Brown, 1 book
Marti Ann Schwartz, 1 book
Cathryn Alpert, 1 book
Daniel Akst, 1 book


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