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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
P.-J. Proudhon, 13 books
Emile Callot, 7 books
Sorel, Georges, 7 books
Paul Louis, 5 books
Maximilien Rubel, 4 books
Achille Viallate, 4 books
Roger Picard, 3 books
Jean Vidalenc, 3 books
Émile Callot, 3 books
Alexandre Zévaès, 3 books
Amédée Ponceau, 3 books
Claude Vacher de Lapouge, 3 books
Robert Mossé, 2 books
Leroy, Maxime, 2 books
Étienne Antonelli, 2 books
Charles Bettelheim, 2 books
Jean Hyppolite, 2 books
Jacques Gagey, 2 books
Nicolas Bourgeois, 2 books
Daniel Guérin, 2 books
Mayer, Charles, 2 books
Albert Aupetit, 2 books
François Millepierres, 2 books
Georges Michon, 2 books
Pierre Naville, 2 books

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