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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Fayrene Preston, 28 books
Peggy Webb, 25 books
Iris Johansen, 24 books
Joan Elliott Pickart, 24 books
Kay Hooper, 20 books
Marcia Evanick, 19 books
Charlotte Hughes, 19 books
Sandra Chastain, 19 books
Mary Kay McComas, 18 books
Linda Cajio, 17 books
Pat Bucheister, 16 books
Judy Gill, 16 books
Barbara Boswell, 15 books
Victoria Leigh, 14 books
Laura Taylor, 14 books
Gail Douglas, 13 books
Deborah Smith, 12 books
Donna Kauffman, 11 books
Tami Hoag, 11 books
Glenna McReynolds, 11 books
Terry Lawrence, 11 books
Helen Mittermeyer, 11 books
Sandra Brown, 9 books
Doris Parmett, 9 books
Jan Hudson, 9 books

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