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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Thomas-Cochran, 46 books
Gilbert Lawall, 14 books
Longman, 12 books
Virginia Evans, 11 books
Margarette Thomas-Cochran, 11 books
Anna Uhl Chamot, 11 books
O'Neill, Robert., 10 books
David M. Tafe, 10 books
Carol Esler, 10 books
Donn Byrne, 9 books
Regents, 9 books
Jim Cummins, 8 books
Carolyn Kessler, 8 books
Karen O'Connor, 8 books
Longman Publishing, 7 books
Jeremy Harmer, 7 books
William Shakespeare, 7 books
Larry J. Sabato, 6 books
Steve Elsworth, 5 books
Peter N. Stearns, 5 books
Kathleen T. McWhorter, 5 books
McRobbie, 5 books
Nigel English, 5 books
Oscar Castro, 5 books
Victoria Kimbrough, 5 books

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