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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Warren W. Wiersbe, 27 books
Susan K. Marlow, 24 books
Kenneth W. Osbeck, 23 books
Powell, Ivor, 23 books
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 21 books
Bryant, Al, 18 books
Kurt E. Koch, 17 books
Clarence Edward Noble Macartney, 17 books
R. Larry Moyer, 17 books
Sue Edwards, 16 books
Ethelbert William Bullinger, 16 books
Wood, Charles R., 16 books
Phillips, John, 14 books
Tim Dowley, 14 books
F. E. Marsh, 12 books
J. Dwight Pentecost, 12 books
W. Phillip Keller, 12 books
W. H. Griffith Thomas, 12 books
Roy B. Zuck, 11 books
DeHaan, M. R., 11 books
Timothy J. Demy, 10 books
Jeanette Windle, 10 books
W. Graham Scroggie, 10 books
Ritchie, John, 9 books
Charles Grandison Finney, 9 books

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