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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
John Gunnell, 56 books
Chester L. Krause, 35 books
Kyle Husfloen, 28 books
Mark F. Moran, 25 books
Ron Kowalke, 21 books
Ellen T. Schroy, 19 books
David Doyle, 18 books
Ken Ramage, 18 books
Clifford Mishler, 16 books
Tim Neely, 16 books
Robert F. Lemke, 15 books
Ned Schwing, 15 books
Maggie Thompson, 14 books
Sports Collectors Digest, 14 books
Brent Frankenhoff, 14 books
Joe Kertzman, 13 books
George S. Cuhaj, 13 books
Colin R., II Bruce, 12 books
John Jackson Miller, 11 books
Maurice D. Wozniak, 11 books
J. Marsha Michler, 10 books
Karen O'Brien, 10 books
Krause Publications, 10 books
Doug Mitchel, 10 books
Peter Bickford, 10 books


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