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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Vaughan, Robert, 5 books
Thomas Binney, 4 books
Taylor, Isaac, 4 books
Stoughton, John, 4 books
Reed, Andrew, 4 books
John Foster, 4 books
Robert Halley, 3 books
Conder, Josiah, 3 books
John Pye Smith, 3 books
William Hepworth Dixon, 3 books
George Redford, 3 books
Vinet, Alexandre Rodolphe, 2 books
Ralph Wardlaw, 2 books
William Thorn, 2 books
Williams, J. B., 2 books
Benjamin Franklin, 2 books
John Stoughton, 2 books
Charles Stovel, 2 books
Ebenezer Henderson, 2 books
William Walford, 2 books
Esther Copley, 2 books
Samuel Davidson, 2 books
Jabez Burns, 1 book
Jane Taylor, 1 book
Mason, John M., 1 book

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