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  • PCs for dummies by Dan Gookin
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    The Internet for dummies by John R. Levine
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    Creating Web pages for dummies by Bud E. Smith
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    Upgrading & fixing PCs for dummies by Andy Rathbone
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    SQL for dummies by Allen G. Taylor
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    Resumes for dummies by Joyce Lain Kennedy
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    Digital photography for dummies by Julie Adair King
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    Auto repair for dummies by Deanna Sclar
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    Dummies 101 by Andy Rathbone
    Multimedia & CD-ROMs for dummies by Andy Rathbone
    Networking for dummies by Doug Lowe
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    Genealogy online for dummies by Matthew Helm
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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Deke McClelland, 20 books
Ruth Maran, 19 books
Greg Harvey, 19 books
Andy Rathbone, 16 books
Stephen L. Nelson, 15 books
Dan Gookin, 11 books
Namir Clement Shammas, 10 books
David Pogue, 9 books
John Kaufeld, 8 books
Ed Tittel, 7 books
Wally Wang, 7 books
Eric Tyson, 7 books
Brian Livingston, 7 books
Joseph Lowery, 6 books
David C. Kay, 6 books
John Walkenbach, 6 books
Suzee Vlk, 6 books
Deke McClelland, 6 books
Stanley P. Baldwin, 5 books
Carol McCullough-Dieter, 5 books
Cary N. Prague, 5 books
Hoffman, Paul, 5 books
Barrie A. Sosinsky, 5 books
Jenny Kaufeld, 5 books
Doug Lowe, 5 books


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