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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Sami Zubaida, 7 books
James Chapman, 6 books
G. R. Evans, 5 books
William Roger Louis, 5 books
Norman P. Tanner, 4 books
Terje Tvedt, 4 books
Steve Yui-Sang Tsang, 4 books
Nigel Harris, 4 books
Richard Tapper, 4 books
Roderick Cavaliero, 4 books
Kamal S. Salibi, 4 books
Birgit Beumers, 4 books
Vanessa Martin, 3 books
Philip S. Khoury, 3 books
Matthew Worley, 3 books
Bill Mallinson, 3 books
Yve Lomax, 3 books
Shaharyar M. Khan, 3 books
Janet McCabe, 3 books
Philip C. Almond, 3 books
John Freely, 3 books
Julian Baldick, 3 books
Stephen Chan, 3 books
Christoph Baumer, 3 books
Gen Doy, 3 books

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