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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Gale Brennan, 9 books
Emily Chase, 4 books
Tom Lafleur, 4 books
Luis Spota, 3 books
Elena Poniatowska, 2 books
L. Sporta, 2 books
Tom Lefleur, 2 books
Sofia Watt, 2 books
Ramon Bravo, 2 books
Anne Weissman, 1 book
Alex Comfort, 1 book
Stephen Lehane, 1 book
Eugene Schwartz, 1 book
Mark Dunton, 1 book
Richard Kerler, 1 book
Marta Traba, 1 book
Mildred Cooper, 1 book
Jorge Luis Borges, 1 book
Fernando Orozco, 1 book
Jeffrey Archer, 1 book
Jimmie Dickie, 1 book
Daniel A. Hughes, 1 book
Demetrio Sodi, 1 book
Stephen Crane, 1 book
Philip G. Zimbardo, 1 book


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