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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Mark Victor Hansen, 28 books
Jack Canfield, 21 books
Pat Williams, 5 books
Claire Mysko, 4 books
J.R. Bruns, 4 books
Roger Dean Kiser, 3 books
Todd Outcalt, 3 books
Kimberly Spinks-Burleson, 3 books
Richard Bandler, 3 books
Christine Pisera Naman, 2 books
Kimberly Kirberger, 2 books
Allia Zobel-Nolan, 2 books
Dorothy Firman, 2 books
Carla Wills-Brandon, 2 books
Frank DeCaro, 2 books
Marty Becker, 2 books
Charles L. Whitfield, 2 books
Leo Booth, 2 books
Janet Geringer Woititz, 2 books
Jen Singer, 2 books
Laurie Ann Levin, 2 books
Lauren Ulm, 2 books
Jennifer Schaertl, 2 books
Sherry Gaba, 2 books
Tim Daniel, 2 books

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