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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Samuel Chamberlain, 41 books
C. Paul Jackson, 35 books
Earl Steinbicker, 24 books
Mary Adrian, 23 books
Earl Steinbicker, 19 books
Anne Molloy Howells, 12 books
Clem Philbrook, 12 books
Durant, John, 10 books
Gerald Millerson, 9 books
Florence Musgrave, 9 books
Mari Sandoz, 9 books
George N. Gordon, 8 books
Joan Balfour Payne, 8 books
Henri Gaubert, 7 books
Harry Hansen, 7 books
Hal Foster, 7 books
Ruth Chew, 7 books
John Halas, 7 books
Frank Schoonmaker, 6 books
Charles Side Steinberg, 6 books
A. William Bluem, 6 books
Les Etter, 6 books
Jean Poindexter Colby, 6 books
Kathleen Dickenson Mellen, 6 books
Margaret Davidson, 6 books

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