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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Stormie Omartian, 153 books
Emilie Barnes, 108 books
Ron Rhodes, 88 books
Kay Arthur, 87 books
Lori Wick, 80 books
John Ankerberg, 69 books
Elizabeth George, 66 books
Harvest House Publishers, 66 books
Sandy Lynam Clough, 57 books
H. Norman Wright, 51 books
Bob Phillips, 47 books
Tony Evans, 43 books
Phillips, Bob, 39 books
Steve Chapman, 38 books
Hope Lyda, 37 books
Michelle McKinney Hammond, 35 books
Neil T. Anderson, 35 books
Bruce Bickel, 33 books
Tim F. LaHaye, 31 books
Lloyd John Ogilvie, 30 books
Stan Jantz, 30 books
Mindy Starns Clark, 30 books
Jerry S. Eicher, 29 books
Elizabeth George, 29 books
John Weldon, 27 books

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