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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Louise Erdrich, 21 books
Joyce Carol Oates, 21 books
Barbara Kingsolver, 20 books
John Brockman, 19 books
Simon Winchester, 16 books
Patrick O'Brian, 16 books
Doris Lessing, 16 books
Paulo Coelho, 15 books
Isabel Allende, 14 books
Paul Bowles, 13 books
Michael Chabon, 13 books
Lionel Shriver, 13 books
Michael Innes, 13 books
Allen Ginsberg, 12 books
Laurie Colwin, 12 books
Various, 11 books
Aldous Huxley, 10 books
Ann Patchett, 10 books
Russell Banks, 10 books
Joseph Fink, 10 books
Jess Walter, 10 books
Jacqueline Winspear, 10 books
A. Manette Ansay, 9 books
Ray Bradbury, 9 books
Joanne Harris, 9 books

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