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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Sara Orwig, 1 book
Kristi Gold, 1 book
Delores Fossen, 1 book
Anne Herries, 1 book
Gill Sanderson, 1 book
Tina Leonard, 1 book
Rachel Lee, 1 book
Kristen Robinette, 1 book
Loreth Anne White, 1 book
Sharon Kendrick, 1 book
Mary Anne Wilson, 1 book
Tanya Michaels, 1 book
Gena Showalter, 1 book
Terri Reed, 1 book
Jennifer Archer, 1 book
Olivia Gates, 1 book
LaVyrle Spencer, 1 book
Lynn Patrick, 1 book
Olga Daniels, 1 book
Nicola Marsh, 1 book
Elle James, 1 book
Amy Andrews, 1 book
Rachel Brimble, 1 book
Barbara Kaye, 1 book
Elizabeth Bailey, 1 book


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