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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Enid Blyton, 58 books
Gudule, 21 books
Paul-Jacques Bonzon, 18 books
Caroline Quine, 17 books
Guide Bleu Evasion, 16 books
Georges Chaulet, 15 books
Pierre Probst, 15 books
Jean de Brunhoff, 14 books
Walter Farley, 13 books
Philippe Matter, 11 books
Fanny Joly, 11 books
Laurent de Brunhoff, 10 books
Elisa Vergne, 8 books
Michael Bond, 8 books
Minouche Pastier, 7 books
Jill Barklem, 7 books
Migou, 7 books
T. Blacker, 7 books
Jules Verne, 6 books
Zidrou., 5 books
Alain Plessis, 5 books
A. Royer, 5 books
E. Baudry, 5 books
B. Nicodeme, 5 books
Anne Valéry, 5 books


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