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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jean Giraudoux, 54 books
André Maurois, 39 books
François Mauriac, 37 books
Henry de Monfreid, 27 books
Hervé Bazin, 24 books
Pierre Gripari, 24 books
Bernard-Henri Lévy, 21 books
Jacques Chessex, 20 books
Claude Mauriac, 19 books
Stefan Zweig, 18 books
René de Obaldia, 18 books
Dominique Fernandez, 18 books
François Nourissier, 17 books
Michel Onfray, 16 books
Christiane Rochefort, 16 books
René Girard, 16 books
Henry de Montherlant, 15 books
Gabriel García Márquez, 14 books
Umberto Eco, 13 books
Edouard Peisson, 13 books
Jean-Marie Rouart, 13 books
André Malraux, 13 books
Paul Morand, 12 books
Marcel Schneider, 12 books
Charles Bukowski, 12 books

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