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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Don Pendleton, 610 books
James Axler, 172 books
Dick Stivers, 40 books
Gar Wilson, 34 books
Gold Eagle, 34 books
Alex Archer, 30 books
Warren Murphy, 25 books
Jack Hild, 25 books
Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir, 22 books
Eric Helm, 20 books
Jim Wilson, 15 books
Stivers, 12 books
Jerry Ahern, 12 books
Helm, 11 books
Hild, 9 books
Michael Kasner, 7 books
Richard Sapir, 5 books
Silhouette, 5 books
Gar Wilson, 5 books
Frank Rich, 4 books
Hodgman, 4 books
Rich, 4 books
Sloane, 4 books
Cliff Ryder, 4 books
Jim Alexander, 3 books

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