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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ida DeLage, 32 books
Wyatt Blassingame, 24 books
Leland B. Jacobs, 21 books
Elizabeth Rider Montgomery, 20 books
Lillie Patterson, 20 books
Sam Epstein, 19 books
Bennett Wayne, 19 books
Adèle De Leeuw, 14 books
Sally Glendinning, 14 books
Jane (Werner) Watson, 14 books
Charles Parlin Graves, 14 books
LaVere Anderson, 14 books
Edward W. Dolch, 13 books
Patricia Lauber, 13 books
Adelaide Holl, 12 books
James McCague, 12 books
Wayne Carley, 12 books
Lynn Hall, 12 books
Anne Terry White, 11 books
Kathy Darling, 11 books
Jean Lee Latham, 10 books
Leonard P. Kessler, 10 books
Helen Stone Peterson, 10 books
Jane Watson, 9 books
Helen Rushmore, 8 books

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