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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Max Brand [pseudonym], 68 books
Lauran Paine, 34 books
Les Savage, 23 books
Johnny D. Boggs, 23 books
T. T. Flynn, 18 books
Wayne D. Overholser, 18 books
Tim Champlin, 17 books
Zane Grey, 17 books
Ray Hogan, 15 books
Patten, Lewis B., 14 books
Robin Jones Gunn, 13 books
Dawson, Peter, 13 books
Jane Candia Coleman, 13 books
Frank Bonham, 12 books
James Patrick Hunt, 10 books
Dan Cushman, 10 books
Fred Grove, 10 books
Jon Tuska, 10 books
Carolyn G. Hart, 9 books
Bill Pronzini, 9 books
Will Henry, 9 books
Laurie Moore, 8 books
Steve Frazee, 8 books
Stephen Overholser, 8 books
Marilyn Ross, 8 books

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