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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Thomas Mann, 27 books
Stefan Zweig, 19 books
Franz Kafka, 19 books
Virginia Woolf, 17 books
Rinser, Luise, 14 books
Franz Werfel, 13 books
Wolfgang Benz, 13 books
Arthur Schnitzler, 12 books
Sigmund Freud, 11 books
Hugo von Hofmannsthal, 10 books
Ilse Aichinger, 9 books
Carl Zuckmayer, 9 books
Elias Canetti, 8 books
Arno Schmidt, 8 books
Heinrich Mann, 7 books
Rose Ausländer, 7 books
Wolfgang Benz, 7 books
Lion Feuchtwanger, 6 books
Richard van Dülmen, 6 books
Frederik Hetmann, 6 books
W. G. Sebald, 6 books
Dieter Wellershoff, 6 books
Peter Rosei, 6 books
Margaret Atwood, 6 books
Wolfram Wette, 6 books

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