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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Feierabend, 14 books
Rita Mielke, 8 books
Victor Hugo, 6 books
Lola Gomez, 6 books
Birgit Engel, 5 books
Rolf Toman, 4 books
Charlotte Seeling, 4 books
Andre Domine, 4 books
Hartmut Lehbrinck, 4 books
Rainer W. Schegelmilch, 4 books
Patrik Jaros, 3 books
Ruth Mader, 3 books
Udo Pini, 3 books
Ulrike Laule, 2 books
Uwe Geese, 2 books
Peter Feierabend, 2 books
Hartmut Lehbrink, 2 books
Gabriele Boiselle, 2 books
Alessandra Meniconzi, 2 books
Nerelle Yabuka, 2 books
Barbara Borngasser, 2 books
Frauke Koops, 2 books
Bertram Job, 2 books
Ulrike Kraus, 2 books
Michael Erlhoff, 1 book


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