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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jacques Attali, 43 books
Max Gallo, 40 books
Ismail Kadare, 33 books
Colette, 31 books
Georges Simenon, 27 books
Janine Boissard, 27 books
Alfred Capus, 26 books
Renaud Camus, 26 books
Jean-Marie Pelt, 25 books
Julien Green, 23 books
Jean Favier, 21 books
Miquel, Pierre, 20 books
Gilles Perrault, 20 books
Régine Deforges, 19 books
Georges Minois, 19 books
Alain Gerber, 18 books
Guy Sorman, 17 books
Julia Kristeva, 16 books
Nuno Júdice, 16 books
Pierre Péan, 16 books
Jean Tulard, 15 books
P. D. James, 15 books
Ismaïl Kadaré, 14 books
Georges Blond, 14 books
Stéphane Denis, 14 books


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