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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Simon Scarrow, 28 books
Patrick O'Brian, 22 books
José Luis Corral Lafuente, 18 books
Lindsey Davis, 17 books
Bernard Cornwell, 17 books
Patrick O'Brian, 17 books
Bernard Cornwell, 15 books
Robert Graves, 14 books
Thomas Mann, 14 books
Lawrence Durrell, 12 books
Simone de Beauvoir, 11 books
Arturo Echavarren, 10 books
C. S. Forester, 9 books
Gore Vidal, 9 books
Henry Miller, 8 books
Arthur C. Clarke, 8 books
J. D. Salinger, 8 books
Montse Batista, 8 books
Aldous Huxley, 8 books
Naguib Mahfuz, 7 books
Ana Herrera, 7 books
Gregorio Cantera, 7 books
Bertrand Russell, 6 books
P. C. Doherty, 6 books
Yael Guiladi, 6 books

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