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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bella Forrest, 45 books
Amanda M. Lee, 29 books
Tim O'Rourke, 18 books
Milly Taiden, 18 books
Doug Dandridge, 16 books
M. D. Cooper, 14 books
Perrin Briar, 13 books
Chris Fox, 12 books
M.R. Forbes, 12 books
Dannika Dark, 12 books
Sumiko Saulson, 12 books
Debra Dunbar, 12 books
Daniel Arenson, 11 books
Jonathan Moeller, 11 books
Jacqueline Druga, 11 books
Aimee Easterling, 11 books
Danielle James, 10 books
Heather Long, 10 books
Michael Anderle, 10 books
D.K. Holmberg, 10 books
Bianca D'Arc, 9 books
Joseph Duncan, 9 books
Elizabeth Hunter, 9 books
Lizzy Ford, 9 books
Tamara Rose Blodgett, 9 books


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