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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
R. P. A. Edwards, 43 books
Hans Peterson, 16 books
Patrick Moore, 14 books
Kathleen A. Shoesmith, 14 books
Angus MacVicar, 13 books
Lesley Anne Ivory, 13 books
Lavinia Derwent, 13 books
B. Bornancin, 10 books
Ljiljana Rylands, 10 books
Caldwell, John C., 9 books
Garry Lyle, 9 books
Lynch, Patricia, 8 books
Ann Mari Falk, 7 books
Eileen Ryder, 7 books
E. F. Carter, 7 books
Bernard Newman, 6 books
A. H. Franks, 6 books
Irene Dagny Morris, 6 books
Olive Dehn, 5 books
Alois Kosch, 5 books
Barbara Whelpton, 5 books
Ronald Seth, 5 books
Patricia Smeltzer, 4 books
Ronald Philip Albert Edwards, 4 books
Hilda Boden, 4 books


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