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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
James Whitcomb Riley, 36 books
Augusta Stevenson, 31 books
Immanuel Kant, 18 books
Plato, 18 books
Harriet Evatt, 16 books
Mary Patchett, 14 books
Olive Woolley Burt, 12 books
Helen Albee Monsell, 11 books
Katharine Elliott Wilkie, 11 books
Arthur Stringer, 10 books
René Descartes, 10 books
Glenn Tucker, 10 books
Miriam E. Mason, 10 books
Gene Brown, 10 books
John Stuart Mill, 9 books
Erskine, John, 9 books
I. G. Edmonds, 9 books
Robert C. Goldston, 9 books
Emerson Hough, 9 books
Clark, George Luther, 9 books
Hans Holzer, 9 books
William Shakespeare, 9 books
Nelson Goodman, 8 books
George Berkeley, 8 books
Eunice Young Smith, 8 books

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