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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Nicholas Sansbury Smith, 3 books
P. C. Cast, 2 books
Kristin Cast, 2 books
Catherine Ryan Howard, 2 books
Sara Foster, 1 book
Jeff W. Bens, 1 book
James Wade, 1 book
Nathaniel Lande, 1 book
Ben Bova, 1 book
Katherine Keith, 1 book
Mark Rubinstein, 1 book
Eric Rickstad, 1 book
Martyn Waites, 1 book
Rudy Ruiz, 1 book
Johnny D. Boggs, 1 book
D. Eric Maikranz, 1 book
Shelley Shepard Gray, 1 book
Lonnie Busch, 1 book
L. P. Holmes, 1 book
Charlie Lovett, 1 book
Laura Munson, 1 book
Lauran Paine, 1 book
Brian Freeman, 1 book
Michael Zimmer, 1 book
Dan Mayland, 1 book

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