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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Randy Houk, 13 books
Bruce Kapferer, 11 books
Margaret Mead, 9 books
J. A. S. Grenville, 6 books
Moshe Zemer, 6 books
Francis R. Nicosia, 6 books
Gray, Andrew, 6 books
Robert Parkin, 6 books
Carl A. Maida, 5 books
Solomon Wank, 5 books
Helen M. Macbeth, 5 books
Wenzel Geissler, 5 books
Maya Unnithan-Kumar, 5 books
Jörn Rüsen, 5 books
Myron Weiner, 5 books
Sam Beck, 5 books
Jacob, Walter, 5 books
Shaw, Alison, 4 books
Ewa Mazierska, 4 books
Jonathan Huener, 4 books
Shawn D. Haley, 4 books
Rik Pinxten, 4 books
Don Handelman, 4 books
Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht, 4 books
Luisa Passerini, 4 books

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