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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Earl A. Grollman, 33 books
Albert Schweitzer, 20 books
Robert Bly, 17 books
Herbert Marcuse, 17 books
Fred Pearce, 16 books
Paul Blanshard, 15 books
Mary Oliver, 15 books
Martin Luther King Jr., 15 books
Pitirim Aleksandrovich Sorokin, 13 books
Mary Daly, 12 books
Louise A. DeSalvo, 12 books
Howard Zinn, 12 books
Mary Oliver, 12 books
Raymond William Firth, 10 books
Jürgen Habermas, 10 books
Roland Herbert Bainton, 10 books
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 9 books
Gayl Jones, 9 books
Scott R. Sanders, 9 books
Marian Wright Edelman, 9 books
Barrington Moore, 9 books
Robert Atwan, 8 books
Nancy Mairs, 8 books
Deborah Meier, 8 books
John Dewey, 7 books

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