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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Yvonne Vera, 6 books
Dambudzo Marechera, 4 books
Charles Mungoshi, 4 books
Hove, Chenjerai, 4 books
Margaret H. Tredgold, 4 books
Binwell Sinyangwe, 3 books
Yvonne Vera, 3 books
Gill Bond, 2 books
Preben Kaarsholm, 2 books
Emmanuel Ngara, 2 books
Alexander Kanengoni, 2 books
Rayner, Richard, 2 books
Shimmer Chinodya, 2 books
Ian Hancock, 1 book
Volker Wild, 1 book
John Wyndham, 1 book
Terri Barnes, 1 book
Nuruddin Farah, 1 book
Norma Kriger, 1 book
G.D. Piearce, 1 book
A.J. Masuka, 1 book
Flora Musonda, 1 book
Bento Sitoe, 1 book
Chirikure Chirikure, 1 book
Vivienne Ndlovu, 1 book


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