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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jost Hermand, 13 books
Rothe, Hans, 12 books
Bernhard Stasiewski, 11 books
Alexander Demandt, 11 books
Inge Stephan, 10 books
Michael Kunczik, 10 books
Ferdinand Opll, 10 books
Jürgen Wilke, 9 books
Roland Girtler, 9 books
Wolf Oschlies, 9 books
North, Michael, 9 books
Michael Gehler, 9 books
Stefan Hartmann, 9 books
Heinz Stoob, 8 books
Peter Friedrich Barton, 8 books
Karl Kaser, 8 books
Robert Kriechbaumer, 8 books
Heinz Duchhardt, 8 books
Friedhelm Berthold Kaiser, 7 books
Heer, Friedrich, 7 books
Eckart Henning, 7 books
Werner Telesko, 7 books
Jörn Rüsen, 7 books
Friedrich Battenberg, 7 books
Reinhold Olesch, 7 books

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