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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jeff Kinney, 35 books
Michael Buckley, 25 books
Tom Angleberger, 12 books
Lauren Myracle, 10 books
Richard Appignanesi, 10 books
Andrea Beaty, 9 books
Lisa Greenwald, 8 books
William Sleator, 7 books
Aidan Chambers, 7 books
Nathan Hale, 6 books
Maiya Williams, 5 books
Art Corriveau, 5 books
David Ward, 5 books
F.C. Yee, 5 books
O. R. Melling, 5 books
Frances Hardinge, 4 books
Daniel Kirk, 4 books
Peter Ferguson, 4 books
David Roberts, 4 books
Kurtis Scaletta, 4 books
Adrian McKinty, 4 books
Amy Ignatow, 4 books
Tommy Greenwald, 4 books
Michael Buckley, 4 books
Mariko Tamaki, 3 books

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