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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Paul McFedries, 19 books
Joe Kraynak, 19 books
Sherry Kinkoph, 17 books
Laurie Rozakis, 14 books
Jennifer Flynn, 13 books
Alan Axelrod, 11 books
Dan Ramsey, 8 books
Kelly Oliver, 7 books
Georgene Muller Lockwood, 7 books
Kate Miller, 7 books
Lita Epstein, 6 books
Shelley O'Hara, 6 books
Fulton, Jennifer., 6 books
Susan Ireland, 6 books
Liz Palika, 6 books
Ken Little, 5 books
Clayton Walnum, 5 books
Faithe Wempen, 5 books
Galen Grimes, 5 books
Jay Stevenson, 5 books
Alpha Development Group, 5 books
Brandon Toropov, 5 books
Jennifer Fulton, 5 books
Miller, Michael, 5 books
Peter G. Aitken, 5 books


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