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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
James M. Henslin, 40 books
Steven A. Beebe, 36 books
Laura E. Berk, 23 books
D. Stanley Eitzen, 23 books
Philip G. Zimbardo, 21 books
Jerry L. Johnson, 21 books
George Grant, 18 books
Neil R. Carlson, 18 books
Berk, 17 books
Denise Boyd, 16 books
Psycho Educational Resources, 16 books
Thomas G. Gunning, 15 books
Joseph A. DeVito, 15 books
Susan J. Beebe, 15 books
Robert A. Baron, 15 books
Samuel E. Wood, 13 books
PSYCHO, 13 books
Michael L. Hardman, 12 books
Maxine Baca Zinn, 12 books
Daniel P. Hallahan, 12 books
Spencer A. Rathus, 12 books
Rebecca J. Donatelle, 12 books
James C. McCroskey, 12 books
W. James Popham, 12 books
Ellen Green Wood, 11 books

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