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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Nick Carter, 107 books
Andre Norton, 72 books
J. R. Roberts, 55 books
Edgar Rice Burroughs, 54 books
Andre Norton, 49 books
Gardner R. Dozois, 46 books
Robert Asprin, 45 books
L. Sprague De Camp, 40 books
Robert E. Howard, 39 books
Gordon R. Dickson, 38 books
Mort Walker, 35 books
Jack Dann, 33 books
Poul Anderson, 32 books
Michael Moorcock, 32 books
Leslie Charteris, 32 books
William C. Dietz, 31 books
Philip José Farmer, 30 books
Charlaine Harris, 30 books
John Brunner, 28 books
Fred Saberhagen, 28 books
Robert A. Heinlein, 27 books
P. N. Elrod, 26 books
Robert Silverberg, 25 books
David Drake, 25 books
Isaac Asimov, 24 books

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