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Register Your Library

Please complete the form below to register your Library's interest in joining the In-Library lending program, obligation free. If you are an individual patron looking to borrow something, you'll need to create an Open Library account to access available titles. Just click the Sign Up link in the top right.
You must supply the IP ranges that patrons use to access the Internet from within your library branches. We support IP address in various formats, including single IP addresses, wildcard IP ranges, and CIDR notation.

We require that you enter the street address with latitude and longitude of your main branch. It is optional to enter this information for your other branches. If you do not know the coordinates of your branches we recommend a service called Get Lat Lon, it will convert a street address into latitude and longitude.

Please use these fields, separated by a '|':
Library Name | Street | City | State | Zip | Country | Telephone | Website | Lat, Long