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An edition of Winsor McCay (2005)

Winsor McCay: Early Works V

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This edition published in by Checker Book Publishing Group in Miamisburg, OH..

Written in English

192 pages

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Edition Availability
Cover of: Winsor McCay: Early Works V
Winsor McCay: Early Works V
March 2005, Checker Book Publishing Group
Paperback in English
Cover of: Winsor McCay: Early Works IV
Winsor McCay: Early Works IV
January 5, 2005, Checker Book Publishing Group
Paperback in English

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Winsor McCay

Early Works V

First published in 2005

Winsor McCay: Early Works V

This edition published in by Checker Book Publishing Group in Miamisburg, OH..

Table of Contents

{A fighter [America] with sword and [Liberty Loan] shield surrounded by smoke and fire, and five figures, [Devastation], [Starvation], [War], [Pestilence], [Death], full color.} Front cover
Of Freaks and Fascinations. Introduction by Mark Thompson 7
[Allay-Oop!] {A Person with a whip on the back of a dragon with the word [Cartoons] on its side.} 8
Spring Time {Above view of a street corner, with [Moving Van] horse drawn carrages. and kids playing baseball.} "For a kid. That pitch-er is a wonder!" (Wednesday, March 19, 1913) 9
Is the Game Worth the Candle {Uncle Sam throwing US soldiers at a sheet with a face on it, near box [Manila (ImPerfectos].} 10-11
Just Arrived! Winsor McCay's Funny Folk Join the American's Family {various winsor McCay characters.} Oh! Look Who's Here!] [Poor Jake.] "Take your nose off that grind stone Jake." (June 28, 1911) 12-13
(Clip and pasted mosaic of comics) 14
A Pilgrim's Progress 15
"Oh! Some-thing is the trouble. What is it?" "Huh! I'll go and see what the excitement is!" 16
"I'd like to get a glass that will rest my eyes. My eyes are good but I should rest them I think!" 17
"Ah! There is the historical cociety's build-ing! I'll go in and look around. - Kill a few dreary hours and. - " [Historical Society] 18
"Come in mister Bunion. Sit down. The election re-turns are coming in!" "Yes Thanks! And I hope the returns will show your election." 19
"I'll just lay down here an take a rest -" "A little nap and forget that valise for a while." 20
"Oh! Look at this poor blind man coming! I feel ashamed when I see such misfortune." 21
"Oh! What a funny looking man!" "Hello where you bound for eh? How are you little one?" 22
"Huh! See that stone crusher at work pulveriz-ing that rock! Um!" 23
"Well I've just got to sit down! I can't walk another step my feet are so frightfully sore! Oh! Oh!" 24
"Oh! My! Goodness who is that!!? He is suffering terrible with some ailment! Come here! Man-" 25
(Clip and pasted mosaic of comics) 26
Dream of the Rabbit Fiend 27
"This hayfever is terrible! I wish I could get rid of it! There I'm going to sneeze again Eeeee-" #427, September 12, 1908 28
"I seem to be e-vaporat-ing doc. Yes!" As a matter of fact science tells us we are seventy-five per ceent of water." #444, November 14, 1908 29
"Madame. I haven't had a bite to eat in four months. Could you, would you. End my suffering appease my hun-ger by -" #442, November 7, 1908 30
"Hello! Jim! What are you doing out so late?" "Oh! Just late. That's all!" #425, September 5, 1908 31
"Now for a good sleep. - Oh! What was that Shot???" "I heard a pistol shot somewhere what was it?" #440, October 31, 1908 32
"Ah! There's a great cartoon of uncle Sam holding the presidental chair." [Who get's it?] #433, October 3, 1908 33
"Ah! Now I'll sit down an' have -" "A schmoke! A decent schmoke!" "Me daughter ob-jects to me schmok-ing me pipe in -" #429, September 19, 1908 34
"Oh Gracious!! Dear, what are you kicking me for?" "Explain your-self! Why did you kick me? Tell me!" #435, October 10, 1908 35
"Oh! Papa I covered you all up with sand. He! He!" "yes. Dearie! Now run a long to ma-ma. - Let papa sleep!" #616, June 29, 1913 (b&w version of color, which is seen in volume IX, page 92 but without copoyright) 36
"You can't sing, you can't dance, and you can't act! You're bum! Your rotten! Get out! Who ever told you, you could act? Beat it!" #156, February 24, 1906 37
"Huh! This is funny!!! My head feels so soft! My head feels as soft as mush!!!!!" #431, September 26, 1908 38
"That color is simply grand. This picture will sell if I can get that. Wait! What is that intermediate tone?" #217, August 30, 1906 39
"Where in the world did that other cat come from? That's strange! The doors and windows are locked for I locked 'em!" #212, August 9, 1906 40
"Where is Ump-tieth Street mister officer?" "Just two blocks down." #428, September 17, 1908 41
"He looks like a good hunter indeed!" "I think he was a good investment!" #439, October 29, 1908 42
"Oh! Oh! I must run!" "That's a ter-rible monster! My gracious!" #426, September 10, 1908 43
"Come sweet-heart, before the dog catch-ers get you! Come on pret-ty darling!" #436, October 15, 1908 44
"Bryan seems to have a chance!" "Yes, I think so!" "And yet it seems like taft to me!" #432, October 1, 1908 45
"All right fath-er. I'll sing it for you! My voice is bad though but I'll try it!" #437, October 22, 1908 46
"Ah! Now I'll take a nice shower bath and brace up!" "Aw! This is the thing that makes a man of you!" #441, November 5, 1908 47
"Oh! I feel so queer! Oh! I feel so awfully -" "-Queer! Kittie! What is the mat-ter with us?" #443, November 12, 1908 48
"There's too many people staring at us. Let's get away!" "That's what I say. Dear!" #420, August 20, 1908 49
(Clip and pasted mosaic of comics) 50
Various Dreams 51
[Keep cool! Drink the Sparkling Summer - age North Pole Fizz] "Draw a couple of dozens of glasses of this for me will you please?" #804, August 1, 1913 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 52
Read it again mike. I cannot believe me ears." "Dear Mike. A rich uncle of yours in Sweden died Jan 2d leaving you his en-tire fortune!" #810, 1913. (A Winter Night's Dream) 53
"This is the first time I got into this car when it wasn't crowded -" "Oh! I can't sit next to a frog!" #678, September 15, 1911 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 54
"I think I'll swim back to the club-house I'm thirsty!" "You're always thirsty! Why don't you drink water once in a while?" #803, July 29, 1913 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 55
"That sun-flower is growing so big that it -" "Frightens me! Look at the two of them!" #677, September 14, 1911 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 56
"Just bought him Eh? Isn't he a little skittish?" "Not a bit. They told me! She's afraid of nothing!" #808, August 29, 1913 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 57
"Oh! Um! A chicken!" "She's goin! In bathing!" [Bath Tickets] #805, August 6, 1913 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 58
"The next on the program is Mrs. John Smith." "Champion rear seat rider of the world." #796, January 14, 1913 (Midwinter Day Dream, in Complete Rarebit "Midsummer Day Dreams".) 59
"Wow! There's a big storm coming up Look at that sky! Its going to be a corker." "Yes! Run and close the win-dows dear!" #801, July 18, 1913 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 60
"We're back from our honey moon. Yes! And want you to dine with us -" (#812, 1913 Midwinter Day Dream, panels 4 and 5 shortened from original) 61
"My husband quite smokin' today so I'm giving you this nice box of cigars that I bought him for Christmas!" (#809, 1913, A January Day Dream) 62
"It says, - To Reduce weight, - To hibernate! Like an animal. Sleep all win-ter in a hole!" #795, January 9, 1913 (Complete Rarebit number 795, Winter Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit has 'A' added to title.) 63
"They say it is a rough road." "It is a mile or two." "Mostly up hill. Eh?" #791, December 30, 1912 (Midwinter Day Dreams, many of the panels shortened) 64
"Well, I might as well go to it! A luxury like this does not present -" "Itself very often in a man's life-time during July and August!" #629, July 9, 1911 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 65
"What did you say? Speak English!" "I say. Daz baby elephant daz! Dazza broke ah loose! Come! Baby Elephant broke loose!" #624, July 3, 1911 (Midsummer Day Dreams) 66
"I do not see how I am ever go-ing to get out of this -" "- Deal with-out making a cool mil-lion! There is no chance -" #685, September 23, 1911 (Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit title 'It was Only a Dream') 67
{Musical notes above a ballerina dancing, the ground below her turns to guys bald head.} "Hey! Captain! Wake up!" "Sure!" #688, September 27, 1911 (Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit title 'It was Only a Dream') 68
"I never could see what they have school for! Don't do any good for me!" #684, September 21, 1911 (Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit title 'It was Only a Dream') 69
"How Queer my arms feel! They -" "Are asleep. I think! be-fore I even get to -" #657, August 19, 1911 (Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit title 'Midsummer Day Dreams') 70
"But. My Son! You have only thirty-six hours -" "So long as I get there in the time limit I'll win it won't I? Sure!" #705, 1911 (Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit title 'It was Only a Dream') 71
"Ah! There's a fine spring day sun -" Huh! Um! Before I can mix my color the scheme is changed! It is now summer!" #653, August 15, 1911 (Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit title 'Midsummer Day Dreams') 72
"If you can pitch as you say you can. I'll pay you $50,000.00! Sign this contract!" #660, August 23, 1911 (Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit title 'Midsummer Day Dreams') 73
"I have purposely let the air out of the tires so that I can show how the automatic -" "- Air puump will fill them up again! -" #673, September 8, 1911 (Day Dreams, Complete Rarebit title 'Midsummer Day Dreams') 74
"Oh! They're beginning to hatch aren't they dredrick?" "Yes, and I'm going to make a fortune raising chickens. See if I don't?" #814, November 5, 1923 (Rabid Reveries) 75
"Aren't you afraid of some one breaking in and stealing it?" #819, January 29, 1924 (Rabid Reveries: Guardians of the Cellar) 76
"Yes come up, someone come up on the stage." "I'll come up." "Don't go up. He'll only make a monkey out of you." #818, January 3, 1924 (Rabid Reveries: Monkey Business) 77
"For land's sake what are you digging for Sam?" "I dreamed last night there was a tomb of an ancient king buried right about here." #817, December 21, 1923 (Rabid Reveries: Just in Time) 78
"Ha! Just the one I want to see. Grab a seat with me and I'll show you my new invention." #815, December 13, 1923 (Rabid Reveries) 79
"Yes, it is a new invention. We use the bumper system to catch all trains get ready. get set." [Bumper System Taxi Co.] #816, December 14, 1923 (Rabid Reveries: Troubled Travel) 80
"Put him in. Now! I've got it ready! Tell him how to handle the levers an' steering gear!" #785, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 81
"Huh! The blizzard came - Now. I'll go get the siberian snow eater that the Czar of Russia sent me for Christmas -" #784, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 82
"You look like a bear in that coat gran' pa!" "Do I? This coat once covered a real live bear. Don't you know?" #787, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 83
"What do you mean by coming in at this late hour young man?" "Well, sir, I got up at half past five so's I'd be here on time." #779, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 84
"Mary had a little lamb. With the whitest kind of fur. She had to lam him everyday to stop his follern' her." #781, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 85
"Happy new year, Mr. Oh! By the way. I've a summons here for you I'm sorry to say! -" #735, January 14, 1912 86
"Are you ready Doc?" "Yes, here goes! Look out! Stand back! I'm off! Good bye! -" #780, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 87
"I know dear. But, I'll worry. Are you really going. - Do you have to work late. -" #778, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 88
"Bleth your effer! - Bleth your effer." "Bleth your effer lovin'. Your lovin'" #782, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 89
"Thee's a lady outside wants to see you. Very important!" "A lady? Huh! Wants to see me?" #783, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 90
"Dollah says he doan make hit!" "Come on. You big Dick!" "My Mona's talkin' to you kid!" #788, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 91
"Here's a little run-a-bout! For only eight dol-lars. Um!" "That's about my limit for a car!" #742, February 24, 1912 (It was only a Dream, Complete Rarebit title 'This Dream Car Was Just Right to Throw Away') 92
"The committee wishes a figure of innocence. On one side and guilty on the other side." #786, 1911? (It was only a Dream) 93
"No sir! I will not smoke a pipe again! I'll sit down here and fight it out by myself." #736, January 15, 1912 (It was only a Dream, Complete Rarebit title 'He Smoked - But 'Twas Only a Dream!') 94
"That's funny I never noticed that hole in the ceiling before! - Oh is that an elephant?" #740, February 15, 1912 (Dreams of a Lobster Fiend, Complete Rarebit title 'It was Only a Dream') 95
"Oh! Oh! But I', cold! I'm as cold as ice! I'll have to put something warm on." #739, February 12, 1912 (Dreams of a Lobster Fiend, Complete Rarebit title 'It was Only a Dream') 96
"At last. There is the old sphinx! Hum!" What ails this camel!" "Oh!" "Oh! Get-dappp gwan! Geedapp!" #737, February 2, 1912 (Dreams of a Lobster Fiend) 97
(Clip and pasted mosaic of comics) 98
Other Strips 99
Poor Mr. Nerves. "Here's a package that just came for you!" "Open it kid. will you?" 100
The Man from Montclair - He's Such a Nice Man When He Is At Home. [Grand Bazaar for Xmas Charities!] "Um! I think I will take that in!" 101
Poor Mr. Nerves. "I hope I do not miss that train! My watch may be wrong." 102
A Perfect Gentleman. "Where'll I put this trunk - Mr. Meggs?" "Put it up on the shelf!" 103
A Perfect Gentaleman. "Kin you tell me where the rail-road depot is at?" "keep right on down the street." [Car Stop] 104
Dear Dad and Daughter. "I've been want-ing to have a long talk with you for a long time. Bessie! But I. Eh. -" 105
The Man from Montclair - (He's Such a Nice Man When He Is At Home.) "Is that a real mole on your cheek or is it of sticking plaster?" 106
I Should Worry! "By George! I'll drop this bun-dle under this steam roller comin' down the street! That's what I'll do!" 107
I Should Worry! "Hold still! - Ha! I'll tie this bun-dle on your tail. - Hold still a minute. Doggie! Just a minute now!" 108
"They meet with an accident" "Break loose and-" "Are up against more beer." {Barrels break loose from a cart go through town and carsh against train.} 109
And then - Kerchoo! - He Sneezed! {Little Sammy Sneeze.} "Um. Hum. Eeeeeee." "Well. What has the old woman fixed up for you today?" 110
He meant Well. "We must go home!" "No! Lucille has not told us of her engage-ment to Count Blase!" "Yes, it is get-ting late!" 111
Dino Holland Tunnel "Riot call!! To Holland Tunnel!!!!! Get here quick!!!" {Starring 'Gertie the Dinosaur'} 112
The Faithfull Employee. "Hello! Steve! Just looking for a pal like you! I've got a box at the ring side of the battle tonight!" 113
The Faithfull Employee. "Yes, siree! You bet! I'll be right up! I'll meet you in half an hour! Yes! Yes! I can spare the time." 114
He's One of Those Telephone Fiends. "I heard a funny thing today! Listen to this.." "Ah! Hust a minute!" 115
The Faithfull Employee. "Yes, I expecte to take quite an exten-sive trip abroad the coming summer." 116
Everyone Has Meet That Well-Known Character Mr. Duck. "Say! If you'll introduce me to the head of that firm. There is nothing too good for you!" 117
Oh! My Poor Nerves. "Huh! I sent that boy away with that message and he isn't back yet." 118
Oh! My Poor Nerves. "Wow! But I'm nervous today! I'm late too! I've got to hus-tle to the office! Huh! Great Scott!" 119
A Tale of two sharks. {Two men with poles follow a group of swimmers, one uses the pole to pull a lady under, while the other rescues her, and recieves money." 120
(Clip and pasted mosaic of comics) 121
New York Editorial 122
{A woman in white prays, below a shadowy robed figure as rays of light shine down from the upper right, in oppisit corer, faintly seen is;) [The Hope See.] 123
{In a prison, a man in stripes his shown to into his scell by a officer pointing into it.} 124
{A hand raises out of a river, holding up a bridge, that a train is passing over.} 125
{waves, [Error], [Evil], [Crime], [Deceit], [Lying], and [Sin], crash against the rocks of [Truth].} 126
{German, Wilhelm II, stepping off a cliff, below this bones, and above five ghosts [Theodorie], [Donmek Mice], [Nepoion], and [Alexander the Great].} 127
{A sitting man with India type hat, holds strands ods of string as it passes by to large fan like wheels and down to tubes near a standing man.} 128
{At a race track a skeleton with a reaper, rides a horse, chasing people, and leaving dead people behind him.} 129
{Ants moving rocks, and a person's foot about to step on one of them.} 130
Money Across the Ocean. {People in a building [Astor Tenements] throw money from [United States] to [Englad] and into bag of [William Waldorf Astor] who is being knighted.} 131
{The devil in a lake with dead people, above them a clif and demons herdding people to edge. Two naked people, up to their waists in bottles and boxes.} 132
Army, the New Faithful Soldier - The Dollar. {Coins [$] with legs, stand in militry rows, man at desk with [Check Book].} 133
Man and Mouse - A String on Each {A giant man [Nature] sits on a mountain, with string on his finger attached to leg of smaller person trying to get away.} 134
The Old King Is Dying. Hail the New Dollar King. {Uncle Sam holding panel with a king in it. On a trown to the right is bag of money $ near a 'Stock ticker'.} 135
{A city center with a fountain, angels flying above. A farmer bending down working in a field.} What Kind of Heaven Do You Want? 136
Two Incubators - Much Alike {The sun Earth and moon are seen in space. A woman and man looking into a [Incubator] with a baby in it.} 137
{Many people on various seperate spheres. Bottom most, is a man sitting in a pile of coins and money $ bags.} Each Has His Own World 138
{A king sitting on his thrown, gaurd with axe-spear building and swan. A Farmer using a hoe in the garden, behind him boy riding stick horse.} 139
{A jester with bells on, is selling tickets in a booth [Entrance. Buy Tickets here] for [Fool Land] "Hurry up!!!!! They're in the water now!" All Aboard For Fool Land. 140
{Near a large palace a man and a pig are laying on a courtyard, the man chained to a post.} [Right Down Laziness] You Can Forgive the Pig - Not the Man. 141
{People with wings fly around the word [Easy] which people who don't have wings are stuck to, like flypaper.} 142
A building on one side [Knowledge and Truth], and tent on the other with preformers infont of it.} [Jo-Jo The Dog Faced Man] [See The Turtle boy] Knowledge and Amusement. 143
{Two people riding on a book [A Good Book], above the Earth, thing seen on it are the pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and Great Wall of China.} 144
{A woman and man walk up a road [Duty], rimmed with gravestones [Millions of unkown fathers and mothers whose lives are devoted to duty] and signs [To Wealth] A Hard Road, but The Only Road.} 145
{A man sitting on the shore looks at animals, people and vehicls as they parade out of the pages of [Books].} 146
{The Earth is seen from far above with cloads and stars beyond it, flying around it are people on books.} The World of Books. 147
{Three large men [Cunning], [War] and [Wealth] stepping onto stage with small people. These three people small and giant [Justice] seated. Justice Rules in the End. 148
{A boy reading a book below [Today], and above [Tomorrow] a man working with machines, on sides city buildings.} Our Glorious Public School.} 149
[Temple of Eternity] {A Temple with a spohinx like statue at its entrance, people with outstreached hands outside it.} Only One Important Question, What is Truth? 150
{People drinking at large table with their chairs on fire, above them children throwing money from $ bags.} Drink, Drugs and Fire. 151
A demon with a whip looks down into a crater [Dupe], where there are people in pain.} The Dreadful Curse of Drugs. 152
{A large person with a folded hands, robe over head and shoulders, over which the word [Remorse], and two smaller people on its wrists.} 153
{People with $ bags, are seen entering holes, with square covers. While over head is a shadowy monster [Fear] reaches out towards them. 154
[Easter] Jesus in the middle and above a crowd of people, surrounded by rings of light and birds. [Christ is Risen] 155
Hope. {A giant ghostly woman with wreath in her hair, reaches down to the ground, while a wagon and rideres on horses travel towards her.} 156
A skeleton robbed in black [Black Death] with a reaper, rides a horse through a vally with crowd of people, leaving dead people behind.} When Black Death Rode. 157
{An angle blows a trumpet, while from the graveyard a people come out from their tombstones.} 158
{A white robed figures [His Soul] walks up a rocky stairway while below a man looks at money.} "If He Loses His Soul." 159
{Men standing in rows. [He was too old to think. Yes, and encumbered the Earth.] Below [Death], [Time], and coffin [Old Age].} Death is Kind and Necessary. 160
{A chained elephant. And three chained, steated men. Each with their with their own leg weights [Indecision], and [Weak Will].} 161
{A man on a cliff looks out into a valley, it its center is a island with a city on it with bridges.} 162
{A black man, and an Eskimo stan on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building smoking cigars.} 163
Our Giant - What Ails Him? "He's been going too fast that's all!" "He needs a rest. I think." "His Heart is alright!" 164
{A man dressed in robes, with wreath in hair, stands on the side of the street, near a guy with [Poems] book, watching two horse drawn fire trucks race by.} If Nero Should come Back to Earth. 165
{In a boxing ring one man stands above a fallen opponent, while reffery counts. Near ring man with cane walks away.} If William Penn should come back to Earth. 166
[Inside a mall the [Big Annual Bargain Sale.] {A woman with leaves around her waist looks at a table with [Concrete] boxes.} If Eve Should Come Back to Earth. 167
Hot air Ballon with basket, above horse back army, and man looking through a Spyglass poses for camera [Art in the way Co.]} If Meissonier Should Return to Earth. 168
[Electrician], [Daily Yellow Blab], [Extra! Big Sensation] {On the side walk of a city, a man is surrounded by news boys selling papers.} If Benjaamin Franklin Should Come Back to Earth. 169
{A man standing infront of a tobacco store, many tobacco advertisments along the street.} If Sir Walter Raleigh Should Come Back to Earth. 170
{Many men build a pyrimid of lettered blocks spelling, [Cuba], [Porto Rico], [Hawaii], [Alaska].} Confusion. "Therefore is the Name of it Called Babel...." 171
{A man in a rocking chair looks out the window, to town with many Chimneys. [Boiler Makers and Steam Fit].} If James Watt Should Come Back to Earth. 172
Being some consider-ation of things in the days to come. The Spectrophone. The Imperial City Philyorgo. [Seeing Philyorgo] 173
{On the stairs of a [Vaults] is a man holding bags, looking at dead man in the street, near ruined buildings.} Bust to the End. 174
The Last Day of Manhattan. {City with buildings tipped over and sinking in water, people on roof tops.} "Directly beneath us, deeper in water than it ever was before in history." 175
{Two people in silhouette, looking at upper section of city with bridges between buildings.} "It is the City of Philyorgo by Night -" 176
{Uncle Sam holds a rope which ties him to a tree [Imperialism], at the other side of rope a donkey [Philippines]. while man walks away with $20,000,000} 177
[City Government.] {In a kitchen are a women [Miss Extravagance], A old man [City Tax Payer] and younger woman [Miss Economy].} "You're through, this young lady will take your place." 178
{Uncle Sam sitting on a contract [Washington's Advice. Keep Out of All Foreign Entanglements!] Behind him a stormy horizon, [Old World Political Storms.]} 179
Our Statesmen as Viewed by the Loquacious Capitol Guide. ""Uncle Joe" Cannon 'My picture' why certtainly!" 180
Men in top hats [Debtor Nation], behind a wall [War Debts Payable to U.S.A.], them holding pupets, [Loss of Trade] and others, infront of [American Tax Payer]. 181
{In front of a wall [Asia for Japan], are [Giant China], [Japan's Army and Navy], [Puyi Emperor of Manchukuo], facing them Uncle Sam, [Englad], [Italy], and [France]. 182
{A woman dressed in white [Civilization], covers her face and walks away from [Death Chamber], which has an electric chair.} 183
{A giant man [Jefferson] looks over the [White House], facing a tiger [Tammany]. 184
{People below and climbing up the word [Imagination], square colums off to the side.} 185
{Over a landscape of mountains walks a giant, with only it's feet and lower part of it's robe [Truth], showing.} 186
{In a museum like vault are a 'Gertie' type [Dinosaur], a [Mastodon], [The Rack], and [Slavery]. It it's entrance is [Time] showing [War] the way in.} 187
{A young couple with a rope are pulling it's hands forward, while an older couple are pulling the hands backward. The time is 11:30.} 188
{A star covered sleeve of a man (Uncle Sam), crosses the ocean, it's hand picking up a king, who's sword is drawn.} 189
{People standing on the edge of a clif [Notoriety], before the [Public Eye], above a pit of [Disgrace]. While on the other side are [Work], [Fame] [Renown] and [Popularity].} 190
{A skeleton [Dope] is a [Ticket Seller] to a crowd of people, infront of three buildings, [Madhouse], [Cemetery], and [Penitentiary].} 191
You see above a little man and some giants. {A small man in a suit, with fist raised, is surrounded by light, and larger worker type giants that look worried.} 192

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