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The Following Of Christ

in four books : a new translation

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Published by Burns and Oates in London .
Written in English.

About the Book

Thomas a Kempis was a German medieval Christian monk who was born in the late 14th century. His work "The Imitation of Christ" is one of the most widely read Christian spiritual books ever written. The book presents the idea that the study of Christ's life and the emulation of his example is the highest pursuit that man can achieve. Kempis's "The Imitation of Christ" is a spiritual classic and a must read for any ardent follower of Christianity.

Table of Contents

I. Of the imitation of Christ, and the contempt of the vanities of the world 1
II. Of having a humble opinion of one-self 3
III. Of the doctrine of truth 4
IV. Of prudence in what we do 8
V. On reading the Holy Scriptures 8
VI. Of inordinate affections 9
VII. Of avoiding vain hope and arrogance 10
VIII. Of guarding against too much intimacy 11
IX. Of obedience and subjection 12
X. Of avoiding superfluity of words 13
XI. Of acquiring peace, and seal for our spiritual progress 14
XII. Of the advantage of adversity 17
XIII. Of resisting temptations 17
XIV. Of avoiding rash judgment 21
XV. Of works done out of charity 22
XVI. Of bearing the defects of others 23
XVII. Of the monastic life 25
XVIII. Of the examples of the holy fathers 26
XIX. Of the exercises of a good religious 28
XX. Of the love of solitude and silence 31
XXI. Of compunction of heart 35
XXII. Of the consideration of human misery 38
XXIII. Of the thoughts of death 41
XXIV. Of judgment, and the punishments of sinners 45
XXV Of the fervent amendment of our whole life 49
I. Of interior conversation 54
II. Of humble submission 58
III. Of the good peaceable man 59
IV. Of a pure mind and a simple intention 61
V. Of self-consideration 62
VI. Of the joy of a good conscience 64
VII. Of the love of Jesus above all things 66
VIII. Of familiar friendship with Jesus 67
IX. Of the want of all consolation 70
X. Of gratitude for the grace of God 73
XI. Of the small number of the lovers of the Cross of Jesus 76
XII. Of the royal road of the Holy Cross 78
I. Of the internal discourse of Christ to a faithful soul 83
II. That truth speaketh within us without noise of words 85
III. That the words of God are to be heard with humility, and that many weigh them not 86
IV. That we ought to walk before God in truth and humility 88
V. Of the wonderful effect of Divine love 91
VI. Of the proof of a true lover 93
VII. Of concealing grace under the guardianship of humility 97
VIII. Of the mean estimation of oneself in the eyes of God 99
IX. That all things are to be referred to God, as to our last end 102
X. That it is sweet to despise the world, and to serve God 104
XI. That the desires of our heart are to be examined and moderated 105
XII. Of acquiring patience, and of striving against concupiscence 108
XIII. Of the obedience of a humble subject, after the example of Jesus Christ 109
XIV. Of considering the secret judgments of God, that we be not puffed up with our own good works 111
XV. How we are to be disposed, and what we are to say, when we desire anything 113
XVI. That true consolation is to be sought in God alone 117
XVII. That all solicitude must be placed in God 118
XVIII. That temporal miseries are to be borne with equanimity, after the example of Christ 119
XIX. Of supporting injuries; and of him who is proved to be truly patient 121
XX. Of the confession of our own infirmity, and of tlio miseries of this life 128
XXI. That we are to rest in God above all goods and gifts 125
XXII. Of the remembrance of the manifold benefits of God 128
XXIII. Of four things which bring much peace 131
XXIV. Of avoiding curious inquiry respecting the life of others 133
XXV. In what firm peace of the heart and true progress doth consist 134
XXVI. Of the excellence of a free mind, which devout prayer rather than reading meriteth 136
XXVII. That self-love chiefly keepeth us back from the sovereign Good 138
XXVIII. Against the tongues of detractors 140
XXIX. How, when tribulation presseth, we must call upon and bless God 141
XXX. Of asking the Divine assistance, and of confidence of recovering grace 142
XXXI. Of the contempt of everything created, in order to find the Creator 145
XXXII. Of self-abnegnation, and the renunciation of all cupidity 147
XXXIII. Of the inconstancy of our heart, and of directing our final intention to God 149
XXXIV. That he that loveth God relisheth Him above all things and in all things 150
XXV. That there is no being secure from temptation in this life 152
XXXVI. Against the vain judgments of men 154
XXXVII. Of a pure and entire resignation of ourselves for the obtaining freedom of heart 155
XXXVIII. Of the good government of ourselves in outward things, and of having recourse to God in dangers 157
XXXIX. That a man must not be too anxious about his affairs 158
XL. That man hath no good of himself, and that he cannot glory in anything 159
XLI. Of the contempt of all temporal honour 161
XLII. That peace is not to be placed in mon 162
XLIII. Against vain and worldly learning 163
XLIV. Of not drawing to ourselves exterior things 165
XLV. That we may not believe all, and how easily we err in speech 166
XLVI. Of having confidence in God, when arrows of words are aimed against us 169
XLVII. That all grievous things are to be endured for life everlasting 171
XLVIII. Of the day of eternity, and of the distresses of this life 173
XLVIX. Of the desire of eternal life, and how great are the benefits promised to thorn that fight 177
L. How a desolate person ought to offer himself into the hands of God 181
LI. That we must exercise ourselves in humble works when we cannot attain to the highest 186
LII. That a man ought not to esteem himself worthy of consolation) but rather deserving of chastisement 186
LIII. That the grace of God is not communicated to the earthly-minded 188
LIV. Of the different motives of nature and grace 190
LV. Of the corruption of nature) and of the efficacy of Divine grace 194
LVI. That we ought to deny ourselves, and imitate Christ by the cross 197
LVII. That a man should not be too much dejected when he falls into some defects 200
LVIII. Of not searching into high matters, nor scrutinising the secret judgments of God 202
LIX. That all hope and confidence is to be fixed in God alone 207
I. With how great reverence Christ ought to be received 209
II. That the great goodness and love of God are shown to man in this covenant 216
III. That it is profitable to communicate often 218
IV. That many benefits are bestowed on those who communicate devoutly 221
V. Of the dignity of the Sacrament, and of the priestly state 224
VI. A self-interrogation concerning the exercise proper before Communion 227
VII. Of the examination of our own conscience, and of a resolution of amendment 227
VIII. Of the oblation of Christ on the cross, and of the resignation of ourselves 280
IX. That we must offer ourselves, and all that is ours, to God, and pray for all 281
X. That the Holy Communion is not lightly to be forborne 284
XI. That the Body of Christ and the Holy Scriptures are most necessary to a faithful soul 287
XII. With how great diligence he who is to communicate ought to prepare himself for Christ 242
XIII. That a devout soul ought to desire, with the whole heart, to be united to Christ in this Sacrament 244
XIV. Of the ardent desire of some devout persons towards the Body of Christ 245
XV. That the grace of devotion is acquired by humility and self-abnegation 248
XVI. That we ought to lay open our necessities to Christ, and crave His grace 250
XVII. Of an ardent love and vehement desire to receive Christ 261
XVIII. That a man should not be a curious searcher into this Sacrament, but a humble follower of Christ submitting his sense to holy faith 264

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